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Terms and Conditions

To register with Pursuits Unlimited agreement to the following Terms and Conditions is required.

The Pursuits Unlimited website design, together with the embodied Business Idea, Functionality, Business Processes, Data Structure, Data, Revenue Models, and Pursuits Unlimited Logo, is the sole property of the Pursuits Unlimited Business Enterprise, and must not be cloned, copied or reproduced in any way, shape or form.

The facilities and benefits of the Pursuits Unlimited website will be utilised for purposes that are wholly ethical, legal, and acceptable to other members regardless of age, ethnic or cultural background, gender, occupation, mobility or disability status, sexual orientation, religious belief or nationality.

Any data or content material supplied by members is assumed to be accurate, legal and ethical, and acceptable to members of all ages. Membership will be terminated with immediate effect for members adding data or material to the site that may be deemed offensive or inappropriate on the grounds of age, ethnic or cultural background, gender, occupation, mobility or disability status, sexual orientation, religious belief or nationality. [Member content is continuously monitored by the PU Data Robot].

A member will not make direct or indirect reference to another member or members that may in any way be seen or perceived as offensive or defamatory.

Members wishing to contact other members, particularly for the first time, will apply a sense of propriety and a well mannered approach when doing so. Messages to other members must not contain narrative that is offensive on the basis of age, ethnic or cultural background, gender, occupation, mobility or disability status, sexual orientation, religious belief or nationality, nor must a message contain crude or offensive material.

Members receiving offensive or inappropriate material must immediately report the sender to the Pursuits Unlimited Administration function.

The facility to Contact other members shall be used only in the pursuance of the enjoyment of sharing common interests. Contact to other members shall not be exploited for commercial gain or for the purpose of promoting illicit, unethical or improper practices or services.

The facility to Advertise, add Clubs, and post Articles will be used solely by like minded members in sharing and enjoying common interests at a personal, non-commercial level.

Any attempt to advertise products or services of any description using any of the Pursuits Unlimited member facilities, without formal agreement with Pursuits Unlimited, will see the Advertiser's membership terminated forthwith. Members wishing to benefit from the website commercially must do so through the Sales function of Pursuits Unlimited.

Whereas the proprietors of Pursuits Unlimited are committed to preventing any misuse of the website and the accompanying data, and are continuously monitoring the website content to assure that members of all ages can enjoy a service that is wholly legal and ethical, they cannot take any responsibility for content added by members that violates these objectives, or for the behaviour of members, texturally, verbally or physically. Nor can they be held responsible for any disputes arising between members, or any adverse outcomes resulting from inappropriate, unethical, or illicit use of the website

Members using the Pursuits Unlimited website undertake to absolve the proprietors of Pursuits Unlimited of any legal, financial, personal or material responsibility for situations or problems that subsequently arise as a result of those members using the Pursuits Unlimited website.

Members use the Pursuits Unlimited site on the basis that they are fully cognisant of the potential dangers and problems that are associated with Internet-based person to person contact, and accept full responsibility for any problems arising through communicating with, or physical meetings with other members.

Any dealings with other members, on whatever basis, be it monetary, legal, the exchange of information, the purchase or sale of goods, or any other services, is the full responsibility of the members involved, there being no responsibility on the part of the proprietors of Pursuits Unlimited for dealings between members or any ensuing outcome.

The proprietors of Pursuits Unlimited take no responsibility for criminal activities exhorted by one member or members on another member or members. Members take it upon themselves to safeguard themselves against any criminal, illicit, subversive or unethical practices that they may potentially fall victim to as a result of using the PU website. website.

The Pursuits Unlimited logo is the Registered Trademark of the Pursuits Unlimited Business Enterprise.

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