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Pursuits Unlimited  -  What's it all about?

P provides a People-to-People connection based on Interests and UK Location.

Having an interest is great - but finding fellow devotees to share this with can be difficult.  So many people must be having the same thought – “If only I could meet other people to share and enjoy my interests with”.    PU have the answer.

So how does it work?

On registering, each new member is required to enter a valid postcode so their location in the UK is known to within a few streets.

They are also required to select their favourite Interest(s) from the PU Pursuits Library.  This library is very extensive, and by using preset Interest categories, effective People to People matching is achieved.

PU members then have the opportunity to search the UK for like-minded people on the basis of common Interests,  and Post Code Towns or places.  Those elusive people  you'd love to discover may just be a few streets away.  You can find them using our "One Click Local" Search.

The Pursuits Library is maintained by PU administrators, and contains only Interest categories that are Ethical and Legal, and meaningful to other members.

In addition, members can send messages to others,  register Club details, place Advertisements, and post Forum Articles.

Register now - it's free, and as more and more new members join, you'll really feel the benefit of PU.

The Pursuits Unlimited logo is the Registered Trademark of the Pursuits Unlimited Business Enterprise.

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